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When   Where
October 2001   Biberstein, Switzerland
October 2002   Prague, Czech Republic
October 2003   Rome, Italy
June 2004   Kaunas, Lithuania
October 2005   Warsaw, Poland
October 2006   Budapest, Hungary
October 2007   Rome, Italy
October 2008   Vimercate, Italy
October 2009   Vimercate, Italy
October 2010   Sassone (near Rome), Italy
October 2011   Sassone (near Rome), Italy
June 2012   Gorgonzola (near Milan), Italy
October 2013   Paris, France
October 2014   Biberstein (near Zurich), Switzerland
June 2015   Milan, Italy
November 2016   Barcelona, Spain
October 2017   Warsaw, Poland

The presentations held at the GA are available for download.

IEEF / EIFLE, Directore Fondazione Camen, Via San Cristoforo 3, 20144 Milano